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121 N.1st ST.,Downtown Harlingen, 956.216.7517 or 956.742.2741 (for older posts - click where it says older posts at bottom center page)

About Us

 b baydepot

Bring your valuables for us to sell in store or to list on our multiple online services.

Estate Sales

 Schedule us before you call an Estate Agent / Broker to remove your valuables & prized possessions to sell in our store or on our multiple online services.

Your valuables will have a much better chance of selling at top dollar using our proven method.

We will come over survey your property & tell you right off the bat what we can sell and what we can not. Then we will arrange to pack up and clear out items agreed on, leaving you with an itemized list of what was removed.

Our Story

Edward has been selling products for more than 30 years due mainly to a career in the apparel industry, selling product to department stores nationwide during his career in the Los Angeles area.

Later, he was curious about selling goods on eBay beginning in 2005, he found that he enjoyed selling goods on a global scale reaching customers near and far. He envisioned that one day this service would lead to a business later on down the line, so he filed this thought in the back of his mind.

So when the recession of 2008 reared its ugly head, he realized Los Angeles was just too expensive to reinvent himself, so he moved to Harlingen, where he was able to recover from the effects of nearly loosing everything if he had stayed in Southern California.

2011 marked the year when he eventually took that leap of faith and landed a job as an Event Coordinator / Event Planner in the city of Harlingen, seven months later he opened B.Bay Depot - in a 800 sq. foot retail space. Today he is solely focused on B.Bay Depot and is looking to expand to other areas in the future.

We want to "Thank you" for your consideration & hope to do business with you.